Black Art Technologies

World class antenna and passive RF component design with experience in a wide range of military and commercial wireless applications

What we do

Antenna Simulation and Design

Passive RF Circuit Design


Antenna Simulation and Design

We specialise in high-end, high performance antenna development, employing traditional or where necessary meta-material and fractal-based engineering approaches, using Simulia CST Design Studio for Computational Electromagnetic Modelling (CEM) and simulation to achieve the required performance parameters.

Passive RF Circuit Design

Passive RF Circuit Design including Combiners, Filters & Multiplexers.

Capability to delivery high performance RF connectors and cable assemblies, from common low frequency cables to high-end phase-matched M38999 cable assemblies, manufactured in our RFShop Australia workshop


Our engineering team is available to support large and small, complex or simple client projects that require specialist antenna and radio frequency related expertise. This includes Computational Electromagnetic Modelling (CEM) for virtually any conceivable scenarios

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