Company Profile

Black Art Technologies Pty Ltd (BAT) was branched from RFShop Australia Pty Ltd in 2019 by founder and director David de Haaij out of a passion for Antenna and RF Engineering.
BAT is dedicated to the design and production of specialised, high-end antennas, arrays and pertaining RF systems for a wide variety of industries and applications in Australia.
We believe in equal opportunities and have a highly experienced, passionate, culturally and gender diverse team.
Our office and workshop are located in Lonsdale, Adelaide, South Australia.
BAT is listed in the 2021 Australian Defence Sales Catalogue and well entrenched in the supply chains of sovereign, Defence innovation-driving organisations.  As a member of the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA) and partner of the SmartSat CRC through the Aurora Cluster, BAT is proud to be involved in high profile projects such as the design of wearable and vehicular Antennas for the SmartSat CRC Resilient Emergency and Search and Rescue (SAR) Communications Project. Partners on the project include NASA and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (refer to the pertaining SmartSat CRC and NASA press releases).

Our Vision

Black Art Technologies’ Vision is to be The Centre of Excellence for antenna and RF-related design and consulting services in Australia, serving the Defence, Space, and IoT markets as focal points.

Our Capabilities & Services

Antenna and RF Systems Development

We specialise in high-end, high performance antenna development, employing traditional or where necessary meta-material and fractal-based engineering approaches, using Simulia CST Design Studio for Computational Electromagnetic Modelling (CEM) and simulation to achieve the required performance parameters. Our team employs an efficient, model-based systems engineering, verification, and validation work flow.

Examples of our extensive repertoire are:

    • directional and omni-directional antennas
    • narrow and wide band antennas
    • wearable antennas
    • antennas for small spacecraft / cubesats
    • reconfigurable antennas
    • phased array antennas
    • reflectarrays
    • concealed / covert antenna integration
    • custom-designed antenna
    • antennas  for active and passive radars, SatCom, 4G/5G, WiFi, GNSS, Drone Detection/Protection, IoT, automotive and many other applications


With many years of collective experience across a wide range of industries, including defence, space, mining, automotive, IoT and other sectors, our engineering team is available to support large and small, complex or simple client projects that require specialist antenna and radio frequency related expertise.

This includes Computational Electromagnetic Modelling (CEM) for virtually any conceivable scenarios, including but not limited to: radio propagation, interference and compatibility issues, antenna placement optimisation, checking electromagnetic radiation hazards and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits, as well as data generation for Digital (Virtual) Twin frameworks.

Test and Measurement

We have the test and measurement instruments required to perform all common antenna and RF related validation and verification tasks in support of a complete development cycle.

In addition, we have access to more specialised equipment, anechoic chambers and test ranges, if and as required.


Our workshop is equipped to manufacture prototypes, cables and also allows for small production runs.

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